Electrolysis Eliminates Unwanted Hair Permanently

Electrolysis has been around for over 100 yrs

100% SAFE

Electrolysis is an approved permanent FDA hair removal method because it destroys the follicle. At Mint Electrology all treatments are with thermolysis - which is heat destruction. It is the quickest & safest method and is 100% effective on all hair types and all skin types. I work on men and women with state of the art equipment, a device that goes after the body's own moisture. So whether you have dark hair, a few whites or grays, even slight peach fuzz on your upper lip ~ enter Mint Electrology for 100% permanent hair removal. 

Lasers are fine for reduction, but choose ELECTROLYSIS if complete hair removal is your goal. Today 99% of American women remove body hair. And guy's are thrilled to never have the need to shave around their adam's apple again. Electrolysis is a perfect solution for busy guys that want assistance upkeeping their beards.  

What Caused the Problem?

I never knew that tweezing was stimulating blood flow - so each hair that regrew was stronger. I was plucking since teenage years after watching my mother at the mirror. I never thought about hormones being unique. By adulthood my body would now have 5 million hair follicles. The extent of hair growth varies, factors including race & ethnicity, androgen levels and medications, making some follicles more active than others.  

The depth of follicles continually change - each one is in its own unique stage of hair growth. By plucking - not only was I irritating the tissue under the hair bulb, but ripping the unseen hair in half (lying beneath the surface) is common. Unsurprisingly I removed only a piece of it! Surrounding skin gripped onto the hair, and many would be torn in exasperation causing more problems - INGROWN HAIRS

Desperately wanting a close shave, I embedded my hair to grow downward - but I could still feel the hair with my fingertips! It wasn't until I met a quality electrologist, and then I finally noticed the difference. I was done using makeup and indoor tanning to conceal my skin's imperfections. But to change my life for the better I had to do my part too ~ pick up the phone and schedule my initial consultation.

You Control Your Happiness

A skilled electrologist permanently destroys hair growth with a shortwave radio frequency, using a thin probe and your existing hair follicle. At Mint Electrology your service is achieved with the most technically advanced hair removing device available. This is the Cadillac of epilators ~ the fastest and most powerful. All hair grows in three stages and then repeats its growth cycle. My goal is dismantling the germinative cells that grow hair with precision and a balance of timing + intensity. A once active area will soon fill in with healthy skin. It's really that simple. This treatment ~ a life changer. 

Ready for exceptional comfort plus superior results? Call today and plan an initial consultation. I can offer treatments to fit your schedule by booking in advance. You may also view my profile and credentials on the national American Electrology Association website at http://www.electrology.com/member.html?uid=3741&which=1 If I am unable to answer your phone call, please realize I may be working with a client. I will promptly return your voicemail message at the first opportunity. Reach me directly at 202.505.MINT  

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